Cookie Experiment #1

31 Aug

I love cookies. I love baking them. I love squeezing the dough between my fingers.

Sweet sticky goodness

Sweet sticky goodness

Look at that. Mmmmmm. Raw eggs, butter, sugar, flour, vanilla extract. There is no need for anything else to exist.

For the most part I try and follow recipes when it comes to baking, but lately I’ve found myself getting more adventurous. The other night when I was poking around the kitchen trying to think of something sweet to make as a follow-up to dinner and found a recipe for Norweigan butter cookies on the back of a bag of sugar. I added a bit too much salt, but other than that they turned out pretty good. Kinda flattened out in the oven but I suppose that is to be expected when the primary ingredient is butter, a substance not exactly renown for its solid nature.

Butter can't handle the heat

After the first melty misfortune, I decided that something needed to be added to firm up the dough. Something crispy. Nutty, even. Perhaps peanut butter filled pretzels? Yes. Yes indeed. I mashed up a handful in a plastic bag and folded it into the dough. The new cookies had much more crunch than the others and tasted vaguely of peanut butter. Did I mention they were delicious? Because they most certainly were.

1/2 lb. butter

1.5 cups of sugar

2 beaten eggs

3.25 cups of flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

spoonful of peanut butter

1 tablespoon vanilla extract (you could use less, but the stuff I have is pretty weak and I love vanilla)

Don’t forget to preheat the oven first! A toasty 375 degrees otta do it.

Mix up the butter until all of the sticks have blended together. Gradually ease in the sugar, about half a cup at a time. Do the same with the eggs, slowly add them into the sugar butter mix. It should be tasting pretty delicious right now, but I would not recommend consuming. Raw eggs are bad or something. Whatever.

In another bowl mix up the salt and flour. Like before, slowly mix it into the butter mix. At the end add in the vanilla extract. Once that’s mixed in, its time for the good part. Take a generous (hint: GENEROUS) handful of peanut butter pretzels. I like the Anderson brand but that’s mostly because it’s what I had available. Put them in a ziploc bag and mash them up and add them to the bowl with the peanut butter.  Once everything is incorporated you can go ahead and put them on a baking sheet. They should be done in 10 minutes. My oven is a bit temperamental so just keep an eye on the cookies and look for golden edges.



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