It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

2 Sep

It bothers me in television and movies when restaurant scenes contain food, but no eating. There is a lot of bringing the fork right to the edge of the mouth and then a sudden movement of the utensil back down to the food. The illusion of consumption without any of the pretty faces accidentally choking. I wonder if they’re hungry.

I notice this happens a lot in Mad Men, which I both started and finished watching this summer. It is a great show with solid writing and well-developed characters. I would highly recommend the show to anyone looking for something new to watch. Mad Men captures life in ’60s America almost to a fault. When I first started watching it I was thrown off by the blatant (and socially accepted) racism and sexism. It takes some time to adjust and realize that the culture being portrayed was 50 years ago and that the world has progressed significantly since the days of Secretarial Schools and work-time martinis.

 There is a stupendous amount of smoking and drinking in this show. There is rarely a scene where the main characters aren’t waving around a smoke stick or sloshing a Whiskey Sour. But that is part of Mad Men‘s charm. The cast lives in an era that is heavily romanticized, but while watching the lives of Donald Draper and his comrades unfold we can see that they are subject to the same follies and fears as anyone else who has lived.

Check out the show, it is worth your time.


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