Itchy and Scratchy

3 Sep

I had a pretty hard time falling asleep last night. It was one of those nights where no matter how much I tossed around, I could not seem to find a comfortable spot on the mattress. I also couldn’t shake the sensation that I was very itchy. It was like my body was trying to trick me into some bizarre scavenger hunt; follow the scratches, achieve sleep! I tried to ignore it but that didn’t help. Even writing about it is making my feet and inside of my elbows scratchy.

It's not really a choice

By the time I finally did fall asleep my brain thought it would be absolutely hilarious to have all of my dreams center around the idea that I would never wake up. I tried to keep you awake, but would you listen? Now we won’t ever be able to wake up. Shoulda listened to me! Shut up stupid brain, I want to sleep.

To avoid these situations I try and work-out for at least an hour everyday so that by the time I finally do go to bed, my brain can’t take me hostage and drive me to madness. I end up listening to a lot of podcasts while out and about (The Nerdist, TAL) and I just started listening to girl on guy, which is Aisha Tyler’s (aka Lana Kane, Archer) new podcast. She is hilarious and so far I haven’t been disappointed by any of the episodes.

Lana Kane

Unfortunately, Archer isn’t back on the air until January 2012, but it’s still nice to hear Lana Kane’s voice discussing sex, video games, and comedy clubs with equally entertaining guests.


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