Bow Ties are Cool

5 Sep

Oh Doctor Who, why can I find no consistently reliable source through which to watch you?

As far as sci-fi goes, Doctor Who does a fairly good job of avoiding cliches and when it is a bit corny its due to the limited budget for special effects and not the story. Matt Smith recently took over for David Tennent as the beloved Doctor. I’ve had a hard time warming up to him; while he still has the charm and whimsy of the ten Doctors before him, there is a darkness and shortness to his personality.

I guess this is the logical consequence of 900 years of loneliness and disappointment spanning the entire universe. The Doctor picks companions and shows them everything beyond time and space with the hopes that these experiences will enlighten them. But he also picks companions for more selfish reasons. His companion keeps him from allowing his power over time and his access to the TARDIS to be abused. In The Waters of Mars, the companionless Doctor accidentally encounters a group of astronauts who are destined for an untimely death. The Doctor cannot interfere since the death of the astronauts, especially of the captain Adeliede, will put into motion events paramount to the advancement of the human race. The point in time is fixed. But despite this, despite having encountered similarly grim fixed points in time and accepting it as an unfortunate but necessary sacrifice, the Doctor tries and change the course of this event.

The Doctor:  For a long time now, I thought I was just a survivor, but I’m not. I’m the winner. That’s who I am. A Time Lord victorious.

A Time Lord falling prey to the notion that he is a demi-god, when in reality he is just a man. Alright, not quite a man, but by no means a being above the laws of the universe. The universe does not bend to anyone’s will, even that of a Time Lord. When The Doctor begins to regenerate (changing from David Tennent to Matt Smith), the loss of faith in himself is apparent and carries over into the personality of the new Doctor. Don’t get me wrong, Matt Smith is not a bad Doctor. The show is still quality sci-fi, it’s the Doctor who has changed. He is short with his companion and is less hesitant to violence as an answer for conflict. Kinda makes me want to rewatch the 2005 season with Christopher Eccleston and watch the progression of the Doctor from then to now, especially with what I know about the most current Doctor.

Also, River Song. So. Awesome. But no more spoilers. Away in the TARDIS!


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