Abandon Ship

7 Sep

Abandoned places are great. They’re eerily beautiful and hypnotic, which makes them great for exploring. I went to CSU Monterey yesterday which shares its grounds with Fort Ord, a military base that’s been abandoned for seventeen years. The grounds are forsaken. The buildings are full of smashed glass from the windows and the halls of the old barracks have mattresses and wooden dressers scattered throughout them. Graffiti is scarce, which is surprising considering how long the buildings have been left to sit. What actually drew me to walk into the old buildings in the first place was actually the graffiti on the far side of one of the buildings.

Post-apocalyptia much? Apparently there are some geocaching locations around and deep inside the buildings. I wish I’d brought a camera, it was really something to see. Good thing there’s the internet!

The only other experience I’ve had with abandoned buildings is from my road trip last summer. Arizona is full of old pit stops that have dried up for some reason. People don’t need little hotels on the outskirt of the Arizona desert like they used to.

I really wish I’d spent more time at Fort Ord. If you’re in town and checking out Cannery Row, go to the school. It’s only a ten minute drive away. Who knows what adventures are to be had.


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