Put Put

21 Sep

Turns out, I’m not so bad at mini-golf! I went down to the boardwalk for the first time a few weeks ago and got to go inside the arcade. The first thing I noticed when I stepped inside was the thick, sweet smell of weed. I’m still getting used to how frequently I encounter it. I’ll go jogging and see people casually snapping bowls on their porch or along the riverside. It’s accepted and to some degree ignored.

Back to the mini-golf. The course is entirely indoors and is pirate themed. It was a fairly crowded night, but despite the wait for the holes I had more fun playing mini-golf than I ever have had before. The energy of the room is contagious. I got to go back to the boardwalk, this time with the UCSC Frolic, which is an amazing way to start the school year.

The Dipper, the most famous coaster at the boardwalk, is a must. It starts off how all coasters should; completely encased inn darkness and full of dips (DIPPER!?!?!?!) and tossling. The only regret I have from the whole evening is waiting for half an hour to go into the haunted house and finding that my definition of haunting and terror is very different from the standards of the spook house.

Despite being sticky and queasy from deep-fried holy goodness and touching more handrails than I care to recall, I left feeling impossibly happy.


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