Bathroom Adventures

26 Sep

Sometimes I get vertigo in the bathroom. Not really bad, but just enough to topple around and unnerve the people around me trying to complete their grooming rituals. I’m actually not sure how much it bothers people around me, but when I momentarily lose my footing, I’m fairly convinced everyone else notices too.

I blame the window. The bathroom on my hall has a window that starts at a bit above my knee and goes upwards to around my head. There is no screen so you can stick your head outside and look straight at the ground three stories below. To be honest I think I’m afraid of flipping my hair to dry it out, slipping on a rogue splat of Crest and cartoonishly falling to my death through the window. The feeling only lasts for a second, and usually just results with me stamping my feet a bit, but still. I’m not a fan of this window. The view is great; sometimes I see people practicing tight rope walking or deer nibbling on morning dew, but I can’t shake the feeling that it will be the end of me. For now I’ll just use the sink farther away from it.


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