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31 Oct

It’s only temporary! But it will be at least another week or so before another real post. In the meantime here are some snapshots of my life right now.




But I promise there will be a double-feature when I return!


Candy Corn

19 Oct

The leaves are falling, pumpkins and skeletons decorate the dining halls, and  fresh tears flow from the students as midterms creep up on the student body. But more importantly, it is candy corn season. Sweet, delicious, tri-color cones of tasty. By far, candy corn is the greatest of the seasonal candies. Peeps? Please. If I wanted a bird-shaped marshmallow covered in colored sugar, I’d eat the Peeps I got Easter ’03 since I still have them. They aren’t going anywhere, primarily because they are gross, but more importantly because I’m not entirely sure my stomach would know what to do with a blob of fowl sugar. Candy canes are alright, if that’s what you’re into. But you can still get peppermint flavored goodies year-round, so it’s not all that seasonal if you ask me. No, my friends, candy corn is king.

One fair October day, many years ago, I was eating a bag of candy corn on the school yard. I was just minding my own business, letting my mouth bask in the glory of corned candy. Some girl from one of my classes came up to me and inquired as to why I was binging on a bag of candy corn.

“They’re delicious, here, try one.”

“No thanks, I don’t eat candy with earwax in it.”

What? Now I know what you’re thinking; girl be straight up crazy. But as she walked away, I wondered, ‘Does everyone think candy corn tastes like ear wax? Is that why it’s only around for Halloween? Do people think I like the taste of ear wax?’ Whatever, more candy corn for me! I didn’t want to share my candy corn anyway.


12 Oct

WebMD is where good intentions go to die. Or get nasal cancer, but only in one nostril. Or a carnivorous strain of Amazonian flesh-eating worms. WebMD is basically an online doctor, and by doctor I mean as much as a doctor as the over-informed hypochondriac you met on the Greyhound that one time going from San Antonio to Flagstaff, who was wearing a face mask so as not to catch SARS and kept offering you Purell every seventeen minutes. Not a doctor.

The same symptoms for the common cold (fever, chills, sniffles, cough) also happen to pull up fun diseases like: Legionnaires disease, measels, tuberculosis, pnemonia, sinusitis, just to name a few. Do you have any of these ailments? Probably not, but now you gotta wonder. Are you just in need of a good night’s sleep? Or could it be schizophrenia? You don’t know!

And neither does the internet. Goodness knows it will try to diagnose you, heck it wants to, but in all honesty you probably know what is actually wrong with you. I might not, but at some time or another we’ve all been sick and you know what is going on when your body is fighting off a cold. Stay home and rest, don’t come to lecture hall.

Seriously, I think a good (or bad?) third of one of my lectures has the plague. When my mind wanders, I can hear the weezing in the back of the class and the labored hacking. And the sniffling! If that much liquid is draining out of your face, you might have more pressing concerns than learning about the rise of nation-states in Europe.

Go home, sleep, and please, for the love of Kleenex, don’t get me sick for midterms.


6 Oct

So this is how rain works in San Diego:

Hour One: Confusion and mild distress.

Hour Two: Full-on panic, freeways cease to function, people board up their homes and strap on their flippers. Storm-Armageddon-Tsumani watch has begun.

It only gets worse. People literally forget how to live. The rain freaks ’em out.

Santa Cruz has a different approach to rain. Especially First Rain. Why did I capitalize it like the title of an event, you wonder? Well, because it is. First Rain, also known as the Naked Run, occurs after the first full day of rain of the school year. The conditions to be met are 1) It rains all day. None of that misting stuff, full-on rain. 2) It must be a school day. 3) If these conditions have been met, meet at the Porter Quad at 10pm, strip down and get to know the student body.

The view from my window became exclusively naked students at around 9:40PM on Tuesday. Hundreds of students showed up, way more than I was expecting. Once the clock strikes 10pm, the students take off on a cross-campus conquest, picking up packs of fellow nudists and eventually ending at the campus pool.

No, I did not participate. It takes a lot more than rain to get my pants off, plus it’s cold outside even when I’m wearing a coat. But maybe next year. Maybe.


I Found Cousin Itt

3 Oct

Or at least it’s offspring. I’m not happy about it, either.

Where, you must be wondering, did I find this Adams family anomaly?

Dorm shower. I understand more and more each day why it has become necessary to shower in shoes. Also, how can that much hair appear overnight? I get that I live in a women’s hall and that us lady-folks are more prone to visible amounts of shedding, but holy hair-piece does a lot accumulate. Usually I nudge it to the side with my shoe, but I have this fear that one day I’ll nudge it and it will scuttle away. Or worse, it will creepy-crawl up my leg and latch onto my face. A perfectly rational fear if you ask me.  It would move like a horrific octopus-puppet, with over done noodle arm movements. I bet the fur ball would probably be hissing and spitting suds the whole time.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the first to be distraught by the state of communal showers, but I wanted to let people know if I mysteriously vanish, check the drains.

KZSC 88.1

1 Oct

The local college radio is pretty awesome. I started getting involved over the past few weeks and have greatly enjoyed all of the time I’ve spent there. I got to sort the comedy vinyls and recolor code them when I was there this week. Plus, I get to see gems like this.

I’m not sure if his pants are comically high up or if the 80s was just a time when folks rolled their pants up to their pits and never looked back. You know, because of the pockets in their peripherals. Ayuk yuk yuk…

Speaking of yucky, some of the music volunteers process is just foul. Fortunately, I have yet to encounter anything (ear)itating yet, mostly just mediocre to fair music. One of the albums I listened to today actually stuck out to me and I burned it to my music library for continued audio loveliness.

The album, Perfect Darkness by Fink, is beautiful. The lead vocal sounds like it could be thrown on a Jack Johnson track, but the instrumental accompaniment brings out a sincerity that pushes the songs beyond a mainstream standard. Something about the tone of the vocals reminds me of  \”You\’re a Wolf\” – Sea Wolf, yet Fink finds its own place in my library. It’s rainy day music; it’s for when you want to be alone, but not with your thoughts. The first track,  \”Perfect Darkness\” – Fink sets the mood for the whole album. But for me, the defining track is \”Honesty\” – Fink. It is exactly what the track name implies; honest. Give Fink a listen and let me know what your thoughts are.