KZSC 88.1

1 Oct

The local college radio is pretty awesome. I started getting involved over the past few weeks and have greatly enjoyed all of the time I’ve spent there. I got to sort the comedy vinyls and recolor code them when I was there this week. Plus, I get to see gems like this.

I’m not sure if his pants are comically high up or if the 80s was just a time when folks rolled their pants up to their pits and never looked back. You know, because of the pockets in their peripherals. Ayuk yuk yuk…

Speaking of yucky, some of the music volunteers process is just foul. Fortunately, I have yet to encounter anything (ear)itating yet, mostly just mediocre to fair music. One of the albums I listened to today actually stuck out to me and I burned it to my music library for continued audio loveliness.

The album, Perfect Darkness by Fink, is beautiful. The lead vocal sounds like it could be thrown on a Jack Johnson track, but the instrumental accompaniment brings out a sincerity that pushes the songs beyond a mainstream standard. Something about the tone of the vocals reminds me of  \”You\’re a Wolf\” – Sea Wolf, yet Fink finds its own place in my library. It’s rainy day music; it’s for when you want to be alone, but not with your thoughts. The first track,  \”Perfect Darkness\” – Fink sets the mood for the whole album. But for me, the defining track is \”Honesty\” – Fink. It is exactly what the track name implies; honest. Give Fink a listen and let me know what your thoughts are.





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