Banana to the Face

8 Nov

I stabbed myself in the eye with a banana today. What’s that you say? Bananas are far too blunt to be a vehicle of stabbing? Wrong, so very wrong. In my defense, I was getting off the bus and a gust of wind blew my hair into my face, and when I tried to restore my vision, I forgot about the potassium-loaded pain cannon in my hand and quite literally stabbed my face.



Kinda the perfect ending to this week, though. I’ve been fighting off death armed with nothing but an immune system clobbered by nearly two-months of communal everything, and NyQuil, which while super-effective at suppressing my cold, is also super-effective at suppressing my will to move.


Needless to say, not a shining week of excellence school-wise. I remember being inside buildings, maybe teachers were there? Pretty sure I slept for twelve hours on Saturday night, but then I realized it was daylight savings so it was actually thirteen.

The haze of the week only really started to lift this morning. I feel much better, but I have a cough. It sneaks up on me. Usually when it’s quiet, like when I’m watching a movie, or if I’m trying to sleep. It’s like my body doesn’t want me to forget that it is really trying to keep me healthy.


I’ll write again tomorrow. Maybe about kangaroos? I dunno.


One Response to “Banana to the Face”

  1. the child left behind November 8, 2011 at 4:19 am #

    I’m laughing at the first part – because on more than one occasion I have gone to pull hair out of my face / scratch my nose / look at my watch and ended up with coke down the front of my shirt or some sort of scratch or bump to the face. embarrassing on any given day .. more so when there are witnesses

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