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Hearts and Stuff

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day, I am not sure how to feel about you. The concept of picking a Valentine is both exciting, and enough to drive most into a Hersey’s flavored anxiety attack. It is an odd holiday. I mean, what’s up with Cupid? Let’s be honest, he’s a jerk-faced baby with a bow who forces people to fall in love for his own amusement.

The history of V-Day isn’t exactly romantic; there is a whole lot of martyrdom and murder-deaths, but people have done a pretty good job of drowning out the blood with roses and all that betrayal nonsense with lacey pink hearts sticky with adoration and chocolate.

It is a scary day, I’ll admit. You put yourself out there for someone, and hope that they don’t find you repulsive. Back in elementary school if you brought Valentines for some people in the class, you were required to bring one for everyone in the class. I was okay with this, since it allowed for me to not awkwardly single out the boy I liked and face the humiliation of him thinking I was a weirdo. Although at this point in my school career I’m pretty sure my classmates were starting to catch on that I was, uh, different.

My teachers routinely looked at me like I was wearing a fruit basket on my head or had just told them that my greatest aspiration in life was to study and research the eating habits of squirrels( a noble pursuit, if a bit nutty).

So the night before Valentine’s Day I sorted through all of the cards, trying to find the best one for my crush, selected a candy that I thought he’d like, all the while hoping that when he saw the Valentine from me that he’d somehow see it as something special. Cards were exchanged, and he didn’t seem offended by my offering, so we were off to a good start. However, when I opened his Valentine for me, it read:

Close enough! Sure, he doesn’t know my name, but this is something we can work on!

Oh, sweet, stupid, little Katie. It would be many more years before I figured out just how depressing that exchange was.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day, however you choose to celebrate!