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Candy Corn

19 Oct

The leaves are falling, pumpkins and skeletons decorate the dining halls, and  fresh tears flow from the students as midterms creep up on the student body. But more importantly, it is candy corn season. Sweet, delicious, tri-color cones of tasty. By far, candy corn is the greatest of the seasonal candies. Peeps? Please. If I wanted a bird-shaped marshmallow covered in colored sugar, I’d eat the Peeps I got Easter ’03 since I still have them. They aren’t going anywhere, primarily because they are gross, but more importantly because I’m not entirely sure my stomach would know what to do with a blob of fowl sugar. Candy canes are alright, if that’s what you’re into. But you can still get peppermint flavored goodies year-round, so it’s not all that seasonal if you ask me. No, my friends, candy corn is king.

One fair October day, many years ago, I was eating a bag of candy corn on the school yard. I was just minding my own business, letting my mouth bask in the glory of corned candy. Some girl from one of my classes came up to me and inquired as to why I was binging on a bag of candy corn.

“They’re delicious, here, try one.”

“No thanks, I don’t eat candy with earwax in it.”

What? Now I know what you’re thinking; girl be straight up crazy. But as she walked away, I wondered, ‘Does everyone think candy corn tastes like ear wax? Is that why it’s only around for Halloween? Do people think I like the taste of ear wax?’ Whatever, more candy corn for me! I didn’t want to share my candy corn anyway.